America Leads The World In Nobel Laureates and Lawnmower Deaths


My colleague, Robin Edds, posted about this little gem on BuzzFeed: it’s a map that shows exactly what each country is best for.enhanced-buzz-wide-3486-1382362336-25Much to my surprise and pleasure, America does not lead the world in obesity or reality shows. Instead, it leads the world in Nobel Laureates and number of people killed by lawnmowers. (Seems that the Mad Men episode where someone’s leg gets mowed off wasn’t that far fetched after all…)

enhanced-buzz-wide-21727-1382361419-16If you want to see more closeups of each country, click here.



This Is Kind Of Every Girl’s Dream, Right?

Posing with a celeb to get revenge, I mean.

tumblr_muz6fqb6L71qa1veoo1_1280When I was 15, I’d just figured out how to straighten my hair, and I remember very vividly that there was a boy in school I utterly despised. Not because he was my ex, but because he was pretty mean to me. It would be a euphemism to say that I had “curves” as a kid. And, of course, because it was high school, plenty of people made fun of me for being chubby.

That being said, had any mildly attractive famous person agreed to take a photo of me, it would have made my life a whole lot different. (Or so I’d like to think.) My dream person at 15 was probably Taylor Hanson, if I’m being perfectly honest.

Who would’ve been your ideal celeb to pose with at 15??


Does Carrot Top Even Make Sense, Though?

Once upon a time, I created a blog for redheads with my friend Tommy. He’s a redhead, like me, and one of my very favorite people. This was one of the early doodles I made for the site, based off of a conversation we had about people making fun of our hair.

Among many of the nicknames I was given growing up, carrot top was definitely one of them. I never understood it, though. My hair wasn’t green…

I was more aptly called French Fry With Ketchup On Top, Little Orphan Annie, and Ginger, though. (The latter clearly stuck.)

What were some of the things you were called growing up? Don’t be shy, this is a SAFE PLACE.