My Man E’s Life Is About To Change

If I had a nickel for all of the life changes that happened this week, I’d have two nickels. Because this week not only gave us a cat, but it also gave E a new job.

For the past year, E has been a staff writer for Teen Wolf on MTV, which was a lot of fun. (I got to be a hanger-on and go to viewing parties, premiere parties, and well, lots of parties, basically.)

But a pilot that he sold to the CW is now being ordered to pilot, and now that will be his full-time gig. (!!!)

E's pilot newsGetting a pilot order is kind of nuts, to be honest. Basically, the CW buys some pilot scripts, then they read those scripts and decide which one they’re going to film. Once they film it, they decide if it will actually go to air. And if it does go to air, that’s when the public gets to watch it. So, right now E is in the “WE’RE GOING TO FILM IT!!!” stage.

But there are so many steps in between all that. Like right now E is figuring out who will direct the pilot. Then he has to help find a casting person, and when they have one, they’ll start filling the roles on the pilot. And the list of things to do goes on for a good long while.

E will be a co-executive producer, which means that he’s important enough that he’ll be privy to most, if not all, of the small details that go into making a pilot. His last day on Teen Wolf was yesterday, and now he’s gearing up for about two months of non-stop work. It’s really exciting. And kind of nuts. But mostly, it’s just plain exciting.

Fish the CatAs for what Fish thinks of E’s new gig, when E got the news he texted me this picture of Fish. “Kitty is not impressed,” he said.

Typical fish.