New Year, New Bucket List Updates

I decided to write a bucket list for myself a few years ago, because of this MTV show that inspired me, as silly as that might sound. (Did anyone else watch The Buried Life?)Shark Dive

And ever since making that list, I’ve been crossing things off of it, slowly but surely. It hasn’t been a quick process, but I’m still amazed by the number of things I’ve been able to accomplish ever since making this. Maybe it’s like that book I never read, The Secret, and this list somehow acts as my dream board.

Either way, I thought it would be a good idea to remind myself of what I still need to accomplish. And the great news is that one of these things is already in the works! (See #46)

1- Swim with sharks

2- Hike in Alaska

3- Host Saturday Night Live

4- Walk across the Great Wall of China

5- Perform standup

6-  Write a book

7- Write a play

8- Visit Cinque Terre

9- Learn Italian

10- Learn how to make sushi

11- Go to a restaurant and buy dinner for a random family (anonymously)

12- Start a foundation

13- Volunteer in India

14- See the Taj Mahal

15- Meet  Josh Groban

16- Feed a village in Africa

17- Sing a song with a live band in front of an audience

18- Party at the Playboy mansion

19- Write an article for The New Yorker

20- Be on NPR

21- Walk in a protest

22- Win an award for teaching

23- Go to Paris for a weekend. Tell no one.

24- Go to the Oscars

25- Be a guest on the Tonight Show

26- Get a PhD

27- Ring the bell at the NYSE

28- Help build a house

29- Go camping

30- Skinny dip

31- Sky dive

32- Travel through wine country

33- Go to the X Games

34- Go to the Olympics

35- Go to the Superbowl

36- Go to the World Series

37- Have a sketch on Funny or Die

38- Teach my mom how to swim (She refuses to learn. I am determined.)

39- Go apple picking

40- Have a sandwich named after me

41- Learn the thriller dance

42- Be on a float in a parade (I rode in a cop car during a parade as a prize for winning a slogan contest. Doesn’t count.)

43- Mardi Gras in New Orleans

44- Carnival in Brazil

45- Zip line in Costa Rica (I’m crossing this one out, as I recently zip lined in California!)

46- Go to Sundance — UPDATE! I will be attending Sundance as a reporter for BuzzFeed this year. So, this will be crossed off starting Jan. 16!

47- Build a successful website (this one!)

48- Go on a yoga retreat

49- Have/be on a billboard in Times Square

50- Interview a polygamist

51- Ride in a car with a storm chaser

52- Visit and bet on the Kentucky Derby

53- Get a tattoo

54- Complete the Sunday New York Time’s crossword puzzle

55- Learn how to play chess

56- Take a photography class

57- Visit Forks with Gabby and Kristen, go on Twilight tour

58- Bike across America

59- See a moose in the wild

60- Go to a speakeasy in NYC

61- Make dinner for friends once a month (STARTED)

62- Make Thanksgiving dinner

63- Be backstage at the Hollywood Bowl

New additions:

64- Have a play produced and put up

65- Publish a book

66- Have a non-fiction story published

Sensing a theme on those new goals? I’ll be upping my writing game in 2014!

Do you have a bucket list? If so, do any of them line up with mine? Because I could use a partner in crime for some of these!

Weekend Trip: Big Bear Lake In November

We all have that one magical place that makes everything better: for some people, it’s the beach, for others it’s a spa, and for me it’s Big Bear, CA. Every time I go there, it’s like anything bad goes away and is magically replaced with all of the good feels. So many good feels.


The first time I visited Big Bear was October of 2012 for E’s birthday. Neither of us had ever been, but we knew there were cabins, and mountains, and hiking. (Oh my!) We stayed at Eagle’s Nest bed and breakfast in one of their small, but adorable, cabins. I had told the owners that it was E’s birthday, and they had a stuffed bear and coffee mug waiting as birthday gifts in the room. That was pretty adorable, actually. There was a working fireplace, and a seriously amazing stack of pancakes every morning. We went hiking during the day, and I only slid down the mountain on my ass once. That’s pretty decent, considering my clumsy track record.

Since it was October, we also went to the local Oktoberfest activities. Which were hilariously silly and filled with local flair. (Like the man in lederhosen and pigtails who let us cut in line for beer.)


After that, we ended up returning to Big Bear for my birthday in January. At that time of year, things look quite different: snow covered roads, lots of snow, and did I mention snow? The trip was equally relaxing, and had that wonderful effect of making me feel like I was away from LA, but somehow right where I was supposed to be.Big-Bear-Trees

E and I went back to Big Bear this past weekend, and stayed at the Gold Mountain Manor B&B. It was a little more off the beaten path, but the owner, Cathy, had amazing things like happy hour every day at 5 p.m., and fresh cookies a little after lunch. She made us feel totally at home, and totally relaxed. The weather also helped quite a bit. It’s still in the 80s in Los Angeles, but Big Bear dipped into the 20s at night, and it made me feel like it was finally about that time for the holidays.  Notti-Potti-in-Big-Bear

Did I mention that Big Bear is an insane town? As E said, “Everything is normal, but just slightly off.” See the Notti Potti bike we stumbled upon…Big-Bear-LakeNow that we’re back in LA, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to find a cabin in Big Bear and spend the rest of my winter there. Hopefully, in the near future, I’ll be able to spend a whole week there and find the meaning of life. Or just more of those fresh baked cookies that Cathy serves up. Whatever works for me, really.