Happy Caturday: Proof That Cat People Are Crazy

I’m not saying that a painting of our cat as the pope is at all a sane thing to ask for. But we did ask for it, and we received.

A friend of E’s does paintings like this for fun — cats, dogs, whatever animal you have he can then turn them into a superhero, your favorite celebrity, or the pope, for example. So when E heard this, he asked for one of Fish.

At this point, we’re planning to make some dedicated wall space for paintings of Fish. Because we already have a beautiful likeness of her, painted by E’s mom (see below), and I don’t expect the paintings to stop anytime soon. Fish is quite the muse, after all.  

Sorry, just got lost in my own reflection. #livingthatmuselife #catsofinstagram #catart #imsohot

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Pumpkin Decorating Without The Carving

October is my favorite month of the year for a few reasons:

  1. The weather starts to drop, which means I can bust out my boots again!
  2. Pumpkin spice lattes, candy corn, and pumpkin shaped cookies return.
  3. The approach of Halloween means that I can have my friends over to celebrate with some pumpkin decorating.

kristinI hosted a pumpkin decorating party last weekend in honor of #3. Because I live in an apartment in Los Angeles, gutting a pumpkin and carving it isn’t ideal. (i.e. I don’t have a stoop to set the pumpkin on, which means any bugs that come to enjoy a hollowed gourd will soon become my new roommates.) But I do have a lot of acrylic paint and brushes, which means it’s time to craft.

IMG_1697I asked people to come with their own pumpkins, and I would provide the rest.

paintI picked up googly eyes, sequins, bat stickers, Halloween tape, fake mustaches, extra black paint, and glitter bowties from the craft store.


I also found some plain face masks that could be decorated as well, just in case people came without pumpkins, or wanted to create something they could wear on Halloween night.
IMG_1704I think they came out pretty cute, actually.

table2E and I also made sure to decorate the apartment to get everyone in a spooky mood. (Case in point: blood stained cloth from Target. So scary, you guys.)


E had a lot of fun putting his own touches around the place, like these rats trailing across the top of our new TV. (They are still sitting on the TV, staring at me as I type this.)


Plus we put out plenty of Halloween treats. (If I’ve learned anything, it’s that painting pumpkins works up an appetite for candy.) We had a snack bar set up in the kitchen, plus little hints of candy sprinkled around the house.

ciderFor drinks, we had beer, wine, and I made spiked apple cider in my crockpot. (All it takes is a half gallon of cider, dark rum to taste, plus a few dashes of cinnamon and 3 whole cinnamon sticks on low heat for 4 hours.)

eInstead of using my own glassware, I opted for some orange solo cups so people could draw on those too.

pumAnd if people were done crafting, I also had corners set up for Halloween-themed games, like this “Pumpkin Toss,” which was something like a carnival game and involved trying to toss a couple of balls into the buckets. It was actually much harder than it looks.


The results were a lot of fun, and in the end we’ve got two great looking pumpkins to keep out for the rest of the month. (Bonus tip: If you plan to paint your pumpkin, make sure to scrub it down in the sink with a brillo pad beforehand to help the paint stay on.)

pummyE’s pumpkin is the striped one on the far left, and mine is the all-black pumpkin next to his.