5 Blogs That Will Inspire You To Write More

NaNoWriMo Inspiration

It’s National Novel Writing Month, aka time to kick NaNoWriMo into high gear! And I’m constantly looking for writing inspiration. I rarely get writers block, but I definitely get a lack of motivation. Especially when there’s a new episode of Sleepy Hollow on my DVR, and it comes down to whether or not I could be watching that with some snacks, or writing another page…

Even though I LOVE me some TV and snacks, if I can get another page out, I always feel so much better. That being said, sometimes taking a little internet break to get inspired can be helpful for that. Here are the blogs I frequent when I need a good writing kick in the ass:

  1. Janet Fitch’s “The Word” series on her blog Paint It Black. Some of you may know Janet as an amazing novelist from her books White Oleander and Paint It Black, but she’s also an inspiring blogger. In her series “The Word,” she encourages readers to take a one word prompt, and write a few paragraphs from it. It doesn’t need to be long, or even edited, it just needs to be writing that flows from that one word. The other great thing is that she writes based off of that one word too. (Practice what you preach!)
  2. Pretty much anything on Prince Gomolvilas’ Bamboo Nation blog. Full disclosure: I’m obsessed with Prince. I took two classes with him when I got my masters at USC, and he absolutely changed the way I write. Prince is a playwright, but also the kind of person who just encourages you to get your story out. His blog has career advice, videos from his performances, and even a TED talk in there.
  3. The Mark On The Wall. Go here when you need to see upcoming writing contests. I’ve found that seeing an actual submission deadline is often enough to get me back to work.
  4. Poets & Writer’s Writing Prompts. This site, in general, is a great resource for writers, and filled with info on contests, publishers, and advice. But the writing prompts in particular can and have sparked me to run to my laptop and start jotting things down.
  5. Jeff Goins Writer. This blog is basically therapy for writers. If you’re feeling lost, or like you should just quit, this blog will give you a big hug and tell you everything will be OK. (And sometimes, we all need a little of that!