5 Fashion Trends I Saw (And Loved) In New York

I was in New York last week, and couldn’t help but notice all of the delicious fall trends that were popping up. It’s just starting to cool down in Los Angeles, and winter weather fashions tend to reach us a little slower as a result. But I spotted a few that I have a feeling are going to be big this year, and I am SO READY FOR THEM TO BE.

  • Leather-sleeve coats in all shapes, colors and sizes (oh my!)

Leather Sleeve CoatsIf you’re looking for one this winter, here’s an awesome list of leather-sleeve coats to fit every budget.

BCBG Envelope Fox Clutch


  • Jewelry that’s all about initials. I saw this in necklace and bracelet form, and thought it was just so feminine and delicate. Plus, it’s inexpensive, and you can get the below one for just $23.

Initial Charm Bracelet

  • Leather-trim leggings, which are great if you can find a long strip down the side to elongate your gams, and even better at $25.

Leather Trim Leggings

  • And speaking of leggings, I spotted plenty of black leggings paired with a casual jean shirt. It has the effect of looking effortlessly chic, while also being insanely comfy.

Fall Fashion Trends To WatchSanta, if you’re listening, I’ll take one of each.



Get Ready To Drool: Fall Coat Edition

I’m going on a weekend jaunt to Big Bear, CA in November, and already I’m starting to plan my winter wardrobe. Maybe it’s because Los Angeles has been so hot recently, and it’s starting to give me winter lust? (Is that even a thing?) Either way, a new fall coat would be lovely, and here are a few I’ve been drooling over…

2638626205_2I desperately want to be one of those women who can effortlessly wear slouchy clothes. And I love the trim on this $250 Zabrina A-line coat. I feel like you could dress this one up too, or wear it when lounging around. (Or slouching around, I should say.)


This double breasted military coat by Via Spiga for $178 just feels so badass, doesn’t it? I can already picture myself slipping into this, and a pair of combat boots and taking over the world. Or just wearing it to work. Either way!

Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 7.11.40 AM

Another faux fur trim collar. (Are you starting to sense a theme here?) One of my favorite parts of fall coats is when a designer adds a little extra touch, like this leopard print lining! The wool coat from Kate Spade is just out of my price range at $798 (and by “just out,” I mean wayyyy out), but it’s a classic cut, and will definitely be on my wish list.


Saying that I’m “petite” would be a euphemism for “really short, actually.” I think what’s great about this cashmere and wool draped coat for $329 is that as a “petitie” person, the belt would totally enhance the best part of your waist, and create some extra femme curves. Can’t you just see yourself splayed across a couch and lounging by a fire in this? I can…

I’m also a big proponent of everyone owning a gorgeous red coat for their fall wardrobe. This one is by Alexander McQueen, and therefore exists in my fantasy closet. That being said, SHE WILL BE MINE SOMEDAY! :::cackles maniacally:::