Happy Caturday: Here’s Fish Playing With A Spring

I haven’t taken as many videos and photos of Fish as I should, and that’s mainly because I’m usually too busy playing with her. She’s a year and a half, but it feels like she still has the energy of a kitten. She REALLY loves chasing things and subsequently sitting on them until she’s ready to chase again. I can’t imagine where she gets that from…

Happy Caturday: Cat Pillow Edition

My love of cats is pretty common knowledge for those who know me. So, it came as no surprise when earlier this week, my friend Amanda texted me the below picture with the following: “Cat pillow… Interested??”


I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t interested. It’s a pillow in the shape of a cat, and labeled explicitly as something to “cuddle up with,” of course I’m interested. But if I buy a cat pillow, and don’t have an actual cat in my home, does that make me even creepier than REAL cat ladies? Like, do I bypass steps 1-10 into cat crazy land and simply get crowned “Going To Die Alone”?

I don’t know the answers to any of those, or whether or not I’ll end up purchasing a cat pillow, but I obviously did some cat pillow Googling, and found more types of cat pillows than I ever thought possible…

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This Is Kind Of Every Girl’s Dream, Right?

Posing with a celeb to get revenge, I mean.

tumblr_muz6fqb6L71qa1veoo1_1280When I was 15, I’d just figured out how to straighten my hair, and I remember very vividly that there was a boy in school I utterly despised. Not because he was my ex, but because he was pretty mean to me. It would be a euphemism to say that I had “curves” as a kid. And, of course, because it was high school, plenty of people made fun of me for being chubby.

That being said, had any mildly attractive famous person agreed to take a photo of me, it would have made my life a whole lot different. (Or so I’d like to think.) My dream person at 15 was probably Taylor Hanson, if I’m being perfectly honest.

Who would’ve been your ideal celeb to pose with at 15??