The Benefits of Writing, In Infograph Form

Infographics are pretty much the best thing since cream cheese filled bagel holes. (And yes, those are a thing that exists IRL.)┬áMaybe it’s because my attention span is shot, or I just like to look at pretty things. Either way, I found these badass graphics that relate to writing and wanted to share.

This first one is about the physical act of writing and how it affects our brain. I thought it was interesting to see that writing can have the same calming effects as meditation, that telling a story with emotion can force your readers to connect in a different way, and that books have 50% more rare words than TV. (So, TV writing could stand to get a bit smarter. If for no other reason than people need some intellectual stimulation.)

What Writing Does To Your Brain

This second graphic surprised me quite a bit. I usually get a little sleepy when I drink beer. Interesting to see, though, that by having one beer, you can actually be more creative.

Coffee vs. BeerDrink up, writers!