Help Me Decorate Our First Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree

I’m not going to stand here and say that E and I have a better Christmas tree than everyone else in Los Angeles. Because even though that’s absolutely true, it wouldn’t be in the spirit of the holidays, or whatever.

Last night, we decided it was time to get a tree. We have a new apartment now, so it’s time to fill it with new things. And sure, I’m sure some of you will wail, “But Erin, you don’t have practical things, like a proper dining room table or a couch that fits more than two people!” But to those people I say, “We’ll be damned if we don’t have something to make our house smell like the forest!”

I had spotted a place earlier in the week that looked acceptable. There were trees. There were lights. It was perfect. We took my Prius over to what we soon discovered was a former mechanics garage, or more officially, “Delancey Street Christmas Trees.”

Christmas Trees in Los Feliz

There were a few gentleman in zip-up hoodies waiting outside for us. Fellas that easily could have been the former mechanics from the garage. One of them was missing a bottom tooth.

No bother, we walked around the rows of fir trees. Or pines. Look, I don’t know the names of different firs, I won’t lie to you, but they did, and they told us all about the different kinds we might find on our shopping trip.

“There’s the [I can’t remember the name of it] fir, and it has sort of silvery leaves,” one mechanic-elf said.

Those ones were beautiful, by the way, but we were looking for something a little more traditional. A little more green. A little less expensive.

Which is when we happened to meet our newest house guest. She stood proud and full, closer to the back and out of the glaring spotlight. Yet, it was as if a halo of some invisible light shone around her.

“I like this one,” I said. “She’s nice,” E replied.

Before we knew it, we’d paid the elves a handful of cash, and they went to work on tying her to the roof of our car.

Tree tied to the roof

(Side note: How dashing is E here?!)

We tipped the elves, got in our car, and gingerly tottered down Los Feliz Boulevard and back to our apartment. Getting it into the elevator was also relatively easy, thanks to E, mainly, because lord knows that tree was just as tall as me and I cannot do heavy lifting.

She now sits in our dining room with two decorations proudly on her: a big red bow, and a reindeer ornament that E bought me for our 6-month anniversary last year. (Though, my former landlord once told me it was a “nice donkey.”)

We’ll be getting her some new accessories this weekend, but if anyone has any suggestions for easy and inexpensive options for the tree, please do share!