The Problem With Being a Woman On Pay Day

In light of the fact that it’s the 15th of the month, this video¬†about where and why all of those tax dollars get taken out of our paychecks seemed topical and important. Important in that I was fuming a bit over how much taxes get taken out, and this sort of calmed me down. Sort of. But not really.

The video is great though, because it really breaks down how much of your taxes go to which parts of the federal pie. It’s not that knowing all of that makes it easier to give part of your paycheck away, but more that at least you have a better sense of how the government is spending our money.Federal Spending HabitsThe problem with all of this is that as a woman, you’re getting a double whammy: a bunch of taxes being taken out of a paycheck that isn’t nearly the size of your male coworkers.

I think Bey said it best, so I’ll just let her do the explaining on that end:

Beyonce on Gender EqualitySomething to think long and hard about this pay day.