Meet George, Our Morbidly Obese Bearded Dragon

Every time I go home, one thing I look forward to is seeing what George is up to. George is my family’s pet bearded dragon, and he’s morbidly obese.

I should also say that after a recent vet visit, we discovered that George is, in fact,  a lady. Georgette. Still, we call her George, and often confuse pronouns.

Some of you may already know George from me chronicling his weight-loss journey over on La Rosa Knows. But for those who don’t know her, allow me to introduce you…George

George is now 5 years old, and has been on a diet for the past two years, mainly because our vet noticed that she was “unable to lift her body” and had “excessive abdominal fat pads.

If you don’t believe me, then here’s the doctor’s assessment to prove it. That note still hangs on my parents fridge, along with instructions for exactly how many worms a lady of her stature should be eating each day.

George Vet Visit

Since being put on that diet, George has lost weight. Even if it’s hard to notice any difference at all. For all practical purposes, George still appears to be morbidly obese. Her belly hangs over the small rock that she likes to perch on, and her little dragon arms still seem burdened by her girth. But there are small differences that we’ve kept track of over the past year.

She can now run across the floor with ease. RUN. Before, she sort of dragged her sagging belly until she became fatigued, and then just sort of sat in the middle of the floor and waited for one of us to fetch her.

While I was visiting, I watched her scurry up a rock on her own, then climb down, and waddle across her cage to a different rock. There were so many options! So many places to sun! And now she’s light enough to move to each one without working up a sweat! (Note: I have no idea if bearded dragons sweat. My guess is that they don’t, but what do I know.)

My parents have been really great about giving her 6 worms total a week. (Except for Christmas, when she got an extra worm as her gift.) Before that, it was something really decadent like 12 a week. As a result, George has really lost weight, and become a much happier dragon as a result.

Even if she doesn’t look it, (“That’s one LARGE lizard,” someone remarked at our family holiday party), she’s definitely acting like someone who was given a new lease on life. Hell, she’s basically able to outrun our cats now, who are downright baffled by her new svelte figure.

George 2If you have any words of encouragement, or advice for our plus-sized lady, please send them my way!

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  1. How cute! A good friend of mine had a “pleasantly plump” bearded dragon, but when she changed his diet to being 50% vegetables he went down to an “average” weight. I think kale, collard greens and zucchini were favorites 🙂

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