Important Apartment Question: What To Do With High Ceilings?

The ceilings in my current apartment are so low, that E can almost touch the top when he reaches his arms up. If he jumped, he’d easily reach it, and might even hit his head.

This won’t be the case, however, when we move into our new apartment. The ceilings are 10-11 feet tall, which is a lot more space than I’m used to dealing with. In some spots, there are already little accents to help break up all that blank wall monotony, (i.e. a fireplace in one corner of the room with a large mirror above it), but mostly it’s just this glaring blank canvas that we need to figure out how to fill.

Because I’ve never had this “problem” of excess space, I had to do some digging, and here’s what I keep coming across when it comes to high ceilings:

  • Art, especially when stacked, can help to make a room feel warm. It also draws the eye up, enhancing all of that ceiling space, rather than having it feel like it’s missing something. I’m definitely interested in a wall dedicated to art, and I love the idea of not having the same frames or shapes.

Mustard Living Room

  • Similarly, an accent wall can function as it’s own little piece of built-in art. A bright color adds a pop to the room, and does the heavy lifting of adding personality. Even in my current apartment with the small ceilings, I have an accent wall. It’s a cerulean blue, and I’m terrified of having to try and paint over it when we move out. Pray for me.

Accent Wall

  • A statement piece, like, say, a faux mounted head, can be a cool way to break up a doorframe. I feel weird saying that a mounted head can add something to the room, but I’m kind of all about it. Expect to see some faux heads in my living room, y’all.

Deer Head

  • To create balance in a room with high ceilings, a statement light fixture can do the trick. I’m really loving the way it pulls this bedroom together, but I do wonder what it would look like in a living room, or dining room area… (READ: Tell me what you think!)

High Ceiling Decorating

  • If you’re going to put up drapes, to make any room look taller, you want to hang the actual rod as close to the ceiling as you can, and have the drapes fall down to the floor completely. Much like vertical stripes, it makes everything look long and lean.

b0c108e64fcc90cd4d82621880647d9eI’m still on the hunt for more tips for high ceiling rooms, so if you’ve got any, do share!

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    • YES! I saw a few people suggesting that idea of an accent wall, and I love love love that you’d put a little art on it, and mix that with a bigger piece. THANK YOU for this xoxo

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